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When working with clients on dietary changes to balance their body, Patti will consider in these factors:
  • Consider metabolic type
  • Food cravings
  • Blood type
  • Gland type

How your one-on-one session works

You will begin be making an appointment and providing Patti with your Health Questionnaire. She will review it prior to your scheduled meeting time. During your appointment (either face to face or via the phone) Patti will provide you with a personal consultation that includes review of your past and present health issues.

She will also work with you develop a health plan which is individualized further through biofeedback analysis. The biofeedback process uses quantum physics to measure and analyze more than 9,000 substances such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, enzymes present in the body. Patti provides those results during your consultation.

Patti's view

"I see myself as my client's Health Coach," Patti says. "When a client leaves the office or finishes a personal one-on-one telephone session they will know specific ways to better enhance their heath."

Patti compares her sessions to going to school at a college level without dealing with the many media myths that surround the health care field. "I help teach my clients how to achieve a different way of life that is easy, workable, and doable toward improving their health," she says.

"I bridge the gap to help people between medical problems," she continues. "At times I am called on as the middle man, such as after a doctor diagnoses a patient, the patient may use my services to provide alternative, or complementary assistance to their other traditional medical treatment."

My practice is to exhibit a respect for medical treatments and offer a bridge through linking natural health suggestions with what the doctor recommends, Patti says.

Successful Business

Patti has enjoyed a highly successful business based solely on word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients, and medical professionals.

Other Services

In addition to her individual client practice, Patti's professional experience includes providing educational services including seminars, lectures, training for other health practitioners, corporate, community and conference presentations on natural health.

Find out how much a visit will cost

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